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Tummy Time: When To Start And 4 Benefits

If you have not been introduced to tummy time for your baby, let us be the first. It is simply turning your baby on its tummy for relatively short periods of time and supervising that time. It would be dangerous to leave your little one unattended. Tummy time should be a daily occurrence and only when your baby is awake. For newcomers to tummy time, here’s when to start and 4 benefits.

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Helping Your First Born Adjust To A New Sibling

Imagine if you had been getting non-stop attention from your spouse, and suddenly they are less attentive. You would probably be unhappy, angry, confused, and might even act out. You’re an adult, so imagine how your little one feels with a new sibling. There are tips and necessary dynamics involved in helping your first born adjust to a new sibling.

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How To Help Your Child Understand Germs And Illnesses

In the year of COVID-19 there have probably been many explanations surrounding the germs around the kitchen tables in our country. Why do we have to wash our hands so much? Why do we have to wear a mask? Why can’t we go to school or play sports? Unfortunately our kids will continue to ask many of these questions. If you haven’t had the discussion yet, or you fell short of answers, here are some tips for how to help your child understand germs and illnesses.

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5 Speech Therapy Techniques to Try at Home with Your Child

If you find that your little one is having trouble communicating, there are many ways you can assist your child in developing better skills. You understand the importance of language, articulation, and comprehension and their value in successful interactions. As a result, you can choose to work with a professional speech pathologist, or you can try 5 speech therapy techniques at home with your child, or you can do both!

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How to Help Your Child on the Topic of Weight Loss

As adults we find it pretty difficult to talk about weight loss with a best friend or close relative.  Should you say something to encourage them to drop a few pounds, or should you say nothing? How exactly can you help, or should you even try? Now imagine this is your own child. How to help your child on the topic of weight loss is like walking a tightrope, but we have a few tips to help you keep your balance when approaching this tricky subject.

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