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COVID-19 Update

To our patient families,

In light of the current concern about decreasing the spread of coronavirus, our office is shifting our appointment scheduling routine.

Beginning March 17, we will perform all routine well care and visits involving non-illness in our office throughout the morning. No sick visits will be scheduled during this time. We will schedule all sick appointments involving fevers, coughs, colds, earaches, sore throats, rashes, etc.… only during the afternoon hours. We have suspended all walk in visits during this time. 

Please note that we have instituted strict sanitizing procedures for all exam rooms and waiting areas throughout the day as well as a general sanitation at the end of the business day.

We appreciate your cooperation in making these accommodations when you schedule an appointment in the foreseeable future.

VDH Public Helpline for COVID-19: (877) 275-8343

Pediatrician Manassas VA