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Pediatric Mental Health: Identifying Signs of Stress and Anxiety

Many young couples today have made the decision not to have any children. If you ask them their reasons, they will tell you they don’t want to bring children into a world with turmoil, hate, and uncertainty about their future. After years of living through COVID, now there is war and economic stress which certainly filters down to the kids. Unless you cut your children off from all social media and news, it is going to affect them. Now is the right time for promoting pediatric mental health and learning how to identify signs of stress and anxiety.

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The Relationship Between Vision Issues and Learning Difficulties

Children have no idea they have vision problems. They think the way they see is perfectly normal. How would they know the difference? Parents are usually the first to notice their child is having vision issues and understand the relationship between vision issues and learning difficulties.

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How Your Child Can Handle Asthma Flare-Ups At School

A parent with a child who has asthma understands how much communication there must be between you, your child, and their school. If your child is old enough, they should know how to use his or her inhaler, when to use it, and when to ask for help. Younger children need a bit more intervention, and your task becomes more complicated. Let’s discuss how your child can handle asthma flare-ups at school.

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How to Keep Your Kids and Teens Safe on Social Media

From time immemorial kids have always thought they were smarter and more world wise than their parents. This hasn’t changed! With their phones, the internet, and social media, kids and teens have every topic at their fingertips. What they don’t know–is what they don’t know. Enter parents and how to keep your kids and teens safe on social media.

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Kids & Anxiety: What Is Normal and When to Talk With a Doctor

Everyone has experienced anxiety in the last several years. That includes kids. It was painful to stay indoors, not be able to go to school or participate in after-school activities, and have limited time with friends. You can’t turn those feelings off with a switch. Now that the pandemic and its restrictions are behind us, there are still anxious feelings underneath. Kids & anxiety: what is normal and when to talk with a doctor.

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Secondhand Products & Recalls: Safety Tips Parents Should Know

We seem to get instantaneous information about food recalls on the news, but when it comes to children’s toys and products, it’s harder to discover. You must pay attention and know where to look. As a parent, you want to keep your little ones safe from defective merchandise or dangerous toys. Keep reading and we will provide some ideas about secondhand products and recalls: safety tips parents should know.

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Spring Health & Safety Guide for Parents

Spring is here! The time of year when kids are chomping at the bit to get outside. After being cloistered in the house for months and only allowed outside for brief periods, now they are looking forward to spending hours outside in the spring weather. With all that future fun on the horizon, it might also be time for a spring health & safety guide for parents.

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Your Guide To Raising Healthy Active Kids

Have kids? If so, you know how our culture and the internet can interfere with parental guidance. They would much rather pay attention to “so-called” experts on Tiktok than listen to their parents. The good news is that you can counter almost everything the world puts in front of your kids. It takes patience and fortitude, but it can be done. To help you get started, here is your guide to raising healthy active kids.

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Screen Time: How Much Time Is Too Much For Kids?

Televisions, smartphones, computers, and tablets are all devices both adults and children use for information, entertainment, and social interaction. As with most modern conveniences, it is best to use them in moderation. Unfortunately, many kids (and adults) spend too much time looking at screens. How much screen time is too much for kids?

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