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Put Immunizations On Your Family’s Back To School Checklist

Put immunizations on your family’s back to school checklist! Yes, we know there are many chores that involve sending kids back to school. Searching for the right books, binders, pens, and buying new clothes and new shoes all happen at once. It makes for a few busy weeks, however don’t overlook necessary immunizations.

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Melatonin Overdoses In Kids Increase: What Parents Should Know

Warning, melatonin overdoses in kids are increasing and what parents should know. With all the stresses of the pandemic in the last few years, adults have turned to melatonin to help them relax and fall asleep at night. If you or your child are using melatonin as a sleep aid, continue reading for more information about the risks involved with melatonin in children.

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Tummy Time: When To Start And 4 Benefits

If you have not been introduced to tummy time for your baby, let us be the first. It is simply turning your baby on its tummy for relatively short periods of time and supervising that time. It would be dangerous to leave your little one unattended. Tummy time should be a daily occurrence and only when your baby is awake. For newcomers to tummy time, here’s when to start and 4 benefits.

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Caring For Your Child’s Sensitive Skin

Your little ones have extra sensitive skin because it’s thinner than yours. Their immune system has not developed yet, so they are more susceptible to irritants of all kinds. It’s important for parents to stay ahead of the curve and remove common irritants inside your home and while enjoying the outside. Caring for your child’s sensitive skin is an ongoing parental challenge.

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Winter Weather Safety Tips For Children

Most kids love winter, and they dream about the first snow day — moms and dads, not so much. Kids consider themselves invulnerable whereas moms and dads know better. Each time a child heads out the door to snowboard, ski, go ice skating or sledding, an accident is possible. Here is a useful review of winter weather safety tips for children.

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