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As parents, especially if this is your first child, you may have questions and concerns and would like access to reputable and helpful information 24/7.

Our For Parents section is here to try and help address some of the more common issues we are often asked and to provide you with additional information and resources that will be very helpful to you.

Dosage Chart

Commonly requested dosage information for over the counter medications.

Immunization Schedule

An easy to reference online guide to know when your child needs immunizations.

Web Resources

Links to online resources we recommend for information on parenting and child health issues.

Referral Requests

Many Insurance Companies require a referral before you see a specialist. Use the link to send a non urgent request to our referral specialist. Referral requests can take up to 48 business hours. The email is not to be used for last minute requests. Please contact the office with any questions.


Call us at (703) 330-3939

COVID-19: How We Keep YOU Safe

We have always been committed to ensuring your child’s health and well-being regardless of what the world throws at us as a “village” Exceptional circumstances require innovative processes to keep your family safe. It’s our commitment to you and our community. Here’s how we honor that commitment

Curbside Check-in

Schedule your appt, tell us you want curbside check-in. Let us do the navigation for you. Let us know you are here, proceed into the building to our suite and you will be met by a staff member upon arrival and immediately escorted to your personal exam room in our office bypassing the normal check in process. Our families love it!

Schedule a visit

Video Appointments

No apps to download, No special processes that make life difficult and it’s HIPAA compliant and easy to schedule. We would love to tell you more. It’s a fantastic way to have your child’s health concerns addressed in the privacy of your home.

Learn about telehealth

Split Schedule

Well-child checks ONLY in the morning bright and early is the perfect time to make sure your child is getting the preventative care they need!

Schedule your child’s well check

****Reduced traffic flow in the common areas of the building and our office****
Several practices in the building have consolidated locations out of our building which means there is a significant decrease in activity in the hallways. The Fitness Center is also closed! People are practicing strict social distancing too. Plenty of parking, non-crowded hallways, and elevators where people don’t jump in with one another. It’s a win/win.

****We take care of ourselves so we can care for you****
We have always followed scientifically established protocols to ensure that our facility is clean and our staff is healthy, now more than ever, rest assured that our processes for infection control are superior and our commitment to minimizing risk is unwavering. We are happy to report that the entire staff has remained healthy during this pandemic because of the exceptional commitment we have, as part of your village, to adhering to CDC guidelines both at work and during our time off.

We miss you, we miss the kids and we are ALWAYS here for you and committed to keeping you safe.