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For Parents

Child Health Library

Select from 100’s of topics about caring for your child and managing their illness.

Illness & Symptoms

Medications & Dosages

Additional Resources

Is Your Child Ill?

Use our Symptom Checker.

As parents, especially if this is your first child, you may have questions and concerns and would like access to reputable and helpful information 24/7.

Our For Parents section is here to try and help address some of the more common issues we are often asked and to provide you with additional information and resources that will be very helpful to you.

Dosage Chart

Commonly requested dosage information for over the counter medications.

Immunization Schedule

An easy to reference online guide to know when your child needs immunizations.

Web Resources

Links to online resources we recommend for information on parenting and child health issues.

Referral Requests

Many Insurance Companies require a referral before you see a specialist. Use the link to send a non urgent request to our referral specialist. Referral requests can take up to 48 business hours. The email is not to be used for last minute requests. Please contact the office with any questions.