Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Are you accepting new patients?

A:  Yes, we are currently accepting new patients. If your insurance company requires you to select a Primary Care Provider (“PCP”), you MUST call them in advance and register this information with them. If you arrive for the appointment and we are unable to verify that this office is listed as the “primary care”, we reserve the right to reschedule the appointment. We request that you arrive 30 minutes BEFORE your scheduled appointment time so that we may verify all information and complete the registration process.

Q:  Where are PediatriCare’s offices located?

A:  We have two offices, one pediatric office in Manassas, VA and the other in Haymarket, VA. See our Locations page for maps and directions.

Q:  When do I make an appointment for my newborn baby?

A:  Our physicians would like to see your baby within the first week of life. After your baby is born, please feel free to call at your convenience to schedule an appointment. You may call 703-330-3939 for our Manassas office or 571-222-2520 for our Haymarket office.

Q:  Do you have seperate “sick” and “well” waiting areas?

A:  In our Manassas office, we have a waiting room exclusively devoted to children ages 12 mos and under who do not have symptoms of an easily transmittable disease (ie. vomiting, diarrhea, high fever, pink eye etc.) and has a separate entrance and registration area. This waiting room is located in suite 305 of 8640 Sudley Rd (Manassas). Our central waiting areas in both the Manassas office (Suite 306 of 8640 Sudley Rd) and the Haymarket office (Suite 250 of 15195 Heathcote Blvd) have 2 distinctly identified “sick” and “well” sides.

Q:  Do I have to see one specific Provider every time?

A:  When scheduling appointments you can request to see the physician/nurse practitioner of your choice. You do not necessarily have to see the same one each time. It is recommended that for follow-up appointments, you schedule the follow-up appointment with the physician or nurse practitioner whom you saw for the original problem as they are the one who will be most familiar with the current issue.

Q:  Can my eldest child or a friend bring my younger children to the office?

A:  Any one who is 18 years or older and designated on the registration form or a written note by the parent/legal guardian, may bring the children in for their appointment.

Q:  What happens if I arrive late for my appointment?

A:  If you arrive 15 minutes late or more for a well-child visit, the provider will most likely ask you to reschedule your appointment for another day. If you are late for a sick-child appointment, we will still see your child, but there will be a delay in being seen so that we may serve those that arrived on time for their appointments.

Have a Question Not Mentioned here?

Contact PediatriCare of Northern Virginia if you have any questions. We’re happy to help! Reach us at (703) 330-3939.

COVID-19 Update

To our patient families,

In light of the current concern about decreasing the spread of coronavirus, our office is shifting our appointment scheduling routine.

Beginning March 17, we will perform all routine well care and visits involving non-illness in our office throughout the morning. No sick visits will be scheduled during this time. We will schedule all sick appointments involving fevers, coughs, colds, earaches, sore throats, rashes, etc.… only during the afternoon hours. We have suspended all walk in visits during this time. 

Please note that we have instituted strict sanitizing procedures for all exam rooms and waiting areas throughout the day as well as a general sanitation at the end of the business day.

We appreciate your cooperation in making these accommodations when you schedule an appointment in the foreseeable future.

VDH Public Helpline for COVID-19: (877) 275-8343

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