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Is the COVID-19 Vaccine Safe for Kids?

Now that the COVID-19 vaccine is available for children ages five to eleven, many parents are on the fence as to whether or not to vaccinate their children.

For most children with COVID-19, the cases have been mild. However, the virus has been shown to be unpredictable, and most healthcare providers are urging parents to take all available precautions to protect against the virus.

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COVID-19: How We Keep YOU Safe

We strongly feel that current circumstances continue to require innovative processes to keep your family safe. It’s our commitment to you and our community. It’s #HowWeKeepYouSafe

Here’s how we continue to honor that commitment….

COVID-19 Vaccination Site

We are registered and approved by the VDH as a COVID19 Vaccination Site. We are currently have a supply of Phizer vaccine for children ages 5+. If you are interested in more information, please select “request an appointment” on this site and fill out the request form. We are following VDH and CDC guidelines for immunization. We will be reaching out within 24 hours of receiving your appointment request to schedule the appointment. Our established vaccine policy requires a child to be up to date on well care to be immunized. Call us to make sure your child’s preventative care is up to date.

Reduced Traffic Flow in the Common Areas of the Building and Our Office

Elevators are operating at reduced capacity and people are practicing strict social distancing too. Plenty of parking combined with hallways and elevators where people don’t jump in with one another. It’s a win/win.

We Take Care of Ourselves So We Can Care For You

We have always followed scientifically established protocols to ensure that our facility is clean and our staff is healthy, now more than ever, rest assured that our processes for infection control are superior and our commitment to minimizing risk is unwavering. We are happy to report that our staff has remained healthy during this pandemic because of the exceptional commitment we have, as part of your village, to adhering to CDC guidelines both at work and during our time off.

Video Appointments

No apps to down load, No special processes that make life difficult and it’s HIPAA compliant and easy to schedule. We would love to tell you more. It’s a fantastic way to have your child’s health concerns addressed in the privacy of your home. Please call the office to identify if your request is one that can be accommodated by a video visit and to ascertain if there is a provider available.

We remain committed to you and your children and we are ALWAYS here for you and resolve to employ practices designed to keep you safe. For more information contact PediatriCare of Northern Virginia at (703) 330-3939, or request an appointment online.


Contagious Diseases To Watch For This School Year

Here we are again, back to school with all the germs, bacteria, and viruses, all mingling among your kids. As a parent, it is hard to fight it. All you can do is know what to look for and be prepared. Here are the most important contagious diseases to watch for this year.

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Helping Your First Born Adjust To A New Sibling

Imagine if you had been getting non-stop attention from your spouse, and suddenly they are less attentive. You would probably be unhappy, angry, confused, and might even act out. You’re an adult, so imagine how your little one feels with a new sibling. There are tips and necessary dynamics involved in helping your first born adjust to a new sibling.

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How to Help Your Child Avoid an Allergic Reaction at Summer Camp

When you have a child with severe allergies, every new day brings the risk of an allergic reaction. This risk multiplies when a child leaves the comfort of their home for adventures at a sleepaway summer camp.

Do not panic. Your child can certainly make it through the summer without an allergic reaction, but it is always best to be prepared.

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How And Why You Should Protect Your Child From Ticks

With summer coming and as COVID restrictions continue to lift, our children will be outside in the fresh air playing with others. While all this is positive, we can’t forget about unseen dangers, especially in the woods and even your own backyard. Yes, ticks can be dangerous, so be knowledgeable about how and why you should protect your child from them.

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Preventing And Treating Hand, Foot, And Mouth Disease

Let’s be clear right away that hand, foot, and mouth disease is a common disease among young children, it is not usually serious, but it is a very contagious virus. It has no relationship to the animal disease known as foot-and-mouth disease which preys on sheep, pigs, and cows. Now that we understand this is a human disease, let’s learn about preventing and treating hand, foot, and mouth disease in your child.

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